Ignoring the British royal wedding is OK

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Only 28 percent of Americans and only 30 percent of Brits care about this weekend's royal wedding, according to a YouGov poll published by the Huffington Post. But if 28 percent of Americans watched royal wedding TV coverage Saturday, its ratings would approach that of this year's Super Bowl.

Unsurprisingly, royal watcher Eloise Parker planned to awake early Saturday to watch the royal wedding, an event about which she cares both personally and professionally.

"It's about escapism. You know, you look at the dress, the jewels, the beautiful bridal party," she said. "It's basically the longest running soap opera in history."

But for those who don't care about the recipe for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding cake or the potential fashion faux pas of those in attendance or the impounding of the so-called Windsor homeless bus by police, Wired.com reminds us we need not sit silently stewing in front of our social media feeds, scrolling through inane royal tidbits that bore us to our souls.

On Twitter, one can mute any hashtag or even slightly royal buzzword they like. And then unmute them after the weekend. Same for Gmail.

We can unfollow those on other platforms who blindly and relentlessly share information about this marriage of two strangers, one with a now almost entirely ceremonial title in a country an ocean away.

We can take a digital hiatus or sleep late and miss much of the morning's coverage or we can stop acting like such royal scrooges and enjoy this for what it is—a spectacle.

"There's worse things to have with your breakfast cereal in the morning than watching a young couple crazy in love tie the knot," Parker said.