Identical twins remain inseparable at 100 years old

Mae Belle is the oldest, by a mere two minutes. But when you're 100 and identical twins and still have your wits about you, who's counting?

Mae Belle Powell and Mary Belle Roach look exactly alike, talk alike and finish each other’s sentences. They also butt in if one thinks the other isn’t telling the unvarnished truth.

After turning 100 on March 25, they’ve done one media interview after the other.

How do they feel about being famous?

“I don’t think we’re famous. I just think we’re old,” Mary told, with a snort of laughter.

The sisters live in their mother’s house in Symsonia, Kentucky, where they grew up. They’ve spent their lives in this town, except for the World War II years when their husband went off to battle and they headed up to Detroit to work in wartime factories.

Mary said she considered herself “Rosie the Riveter,” but her employers did not. “I couldn’t rivet very well, “she concedes, and so she was reassigned.

“We were just little country girls that went to the big city,” she said. And the sisters took in everything they could – museums, movies, dances. “We saw every big band that came to the city,” she says proudly.

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