Iconic beauty retailer Ricky's closing all but 2 stores: Report

Beauty retailer Ricky's will be down to two stores from four by the end of the summer, according to a report in the NY Post.

The Union Square and SoHO locations have eight years remaining on their leases.

At its height, the chain- which sells everything from nail polish and make-up brushes to wigs, feather boas and sex toys- had 29 locations.

Ricky Kenig,who founded the iconic store in 1989 but later sold his controlling stake in 2012, told the Post the remaining stores may close, too.

Soaring Manhattan rents and competition from Amazon were some of the reasons.

Kenig blamed non-beauty retailers who were brought in to run the business.

“We tried to stay ahead of the curve and offer things that no one else had when I was there, but the people who are in charge are not evolving the brand,” Todd Kenig, Ricky's brother, told the Post.