Ice cream cone with meatballs? Bronx Italian deli goes viral

What's an Italian ice cream without meat and cheese?

The viral cone typically consists of a hollowed out piece of Italian bread, stuffed with meatballs or chicken cutlets in sauce with cheese on top. 

The bread is in the shape of a cone topped with whatever the customer's heart desires. 

G&R Italian deli in the Bronx announced the new "ice cream cone" last week, and it's been viral ever since.  

The deli's owner, Carolina DiFuccia, came up with the concept on a whim using her grandmother's recipe. 

She had no idea how much of a sensation her cone would end up being. 

"We keep trying to make more, make more just to keep everybody happy," she says. 

The cone is so much in demand, she says they're just trying to keep up. "I don't want them coming and not finding it." 

Carolina says someone even called from Florida and Ohio asking for the ice cream cone to be shipped.

"I'm like I can't ship a piece of bread with sauce," she says. 

Most recently, G&R deli on Williams Bridge Rd. was named the 'Best Sandwich in the Bronx", on Good Day New York. 

"They're constantly making meatballs in the back and everyone's hands are hurting," Carolina says.