Husband, parents sentenced for abusing wife

Standing feet away from her abusers, Silky Gaind had the courage to tell the judge about the abuse she endured from her husband for many years. 

Gaind talked about the abuse she also endured from her in-laws. "His parents also got involved, they have physically harassed me so much, on that day that they didn’t let me call the police. They tried to murder me,” explained Gaind.

Gaind said the abuse took a violent turn last September. “They physically beat me so hard. His father grabbed a knife at me," said Gaind. 

Prosecutors say the parents of Gaind's husband flew all the way from India to help their son punish his disobedient wife. Monday morning, 68-year-old Jasbir Kalsi, his wife 62-year-old Bhupinder Kalsi, and their son, 34-year-old Devir Kalsi, pled guilty to beating and holding Gaind against her will.

All three took turns beating Gaind, explained Prosecutor Christine Brown. “This defendant involved herself in it by striking the victim in the head and back with an open hand against the victim's will. As a result of the strike, the victim suffered multiple bruises to her head, neck and torso," said Brown.

During the attack, Gaind was able to call her parents who contacted law enforcement.

At first, no one came to the door, but a deputy forced his way in after hearing Gaind’s screams.

The 33-year-old mom now has full custody of their 18-month-old baby.

Today, she asked the judge to give the Kalsis the maximum punishment he could. “Sentence them as hard as you can, that's the only thing I want to say, judge," said Gaind.

All three defendants got 24 months probation followed by community service.

Kalsi's parents planned to go back to India and ICE agents were there to escort them out of the courthouse.