Husband of El Paso victim given new SUV when his is vandalized the day he buries wife

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A man whose partner was shot and killed during the El Paso Walmart massacre was given a new vehicle on Monday after his was vandalized the day he buried the love of his life.

The Casa Ford Lincoln car dealership gifted Antonio Basco, 61, a blue Ford Escape -- the same one that was stolen and destroyed. 

"This is what we do there in this city is care for each other, and we're very sorry for your loss," said a Casa Ford employee in a Facebook live video. "We know that you're a Ford guy, and we know you had a blue Escape. We have one here and we want to turn the keys over to you."

Basco is seen hugging the man in appreciation. Casa Ford employee Charly Rios shared the touching photos to Facebook.

"I’m pride to work and be part of this family #CASAFAMILY #ELPASOSTRONG #CASAFORDLINCOLN," she wrote.

The vehicle that was stolen had belonged to Basco's long-time partner Margie Reckard, 63, who was one of 22 people murdered in a racist attack at the Walmart on August 3.

Vanessa Kondow, who works at Kings Towing in El Paso, first shared the story to Facebook saying her husband towed the car back to Basco's house after it was found. The photo shows the vehicle's front end and windshield smashed.

"WTF is wrong with people!? He just buried his wife yesterday and now this s---," Kondow wrote. "He told my husband that whoever took it also stole a pressure washing machine from a small trailer he used to use for mobile car washing. Share the s--- out of this post to find the m------ who would do this."

Many commenters on the post offered to help Basco get a new car. The word spread and Casa Ford stepped in.

"The Love of God has no borders."