Humans of New York inspires school's Instagram project

They're the Humans of Sachem North and each of them has a story to tell.

"I always tried to hide the truth... and I feel like everybody should know the real me," said Diana Torre, one of more than 200 featured on the Instagram page. The senior opened up about her learning disability. "We should all treat each other like best friends because you don't know what the other person is going through," she added.

Peer education teacher Jonathan Chiaramonte was inspired by the Humans of New York project highlighting the stories of strangers on the streets. He said this is no different. His goal is to help teens express themselves and bring students together.

"Their task is to, throughout the year, interview students they don't know, adults they don't know, and bring their story to life," Chiaramonte said.

It is an ongoing project that only showcases photographs and poignant quotes from each of the interviews. Names are never used. Chiaramonte said students place so much emphasis on how they're perceived through social media. He hopes to change that.

Ariyanna Jarvis opened up about not judging people based on their skin color.

"It's a great feeling to feel safe and be able to express yourself," she said. 

On "Throwback Thursdays" and "Faculty Fridays" stories from alumni and current staff members are posted to help give advice and insight to the students.

Torre said she was amazed by the support.

"I always thought the popular kids didn't think about you but they do care," she said.

Chiaramonte and his students said they hope other schools will join in.