How to plan a child's birthday party in times of coronavirus

If you’re a parent, by now you’ve probably expelled your kids from your home school class.

It’s a new way of living for all of us, through the coronavirus outbreak.

As a parent, you’re probably used to carting the kiddos to sports games, birthday parties, and sleep overs. But now – none of that is happening.

But it’s still important to help little ones enjoy their birthday.

We spoke to busy mom, blogger, and DIY extraordinaire, Charlotte Smith, to get some tips on creative, fun and safe birthday party alternatives.

She recommends trying:

1.       Costume parties (via video chat)

2.       Birthday scavenger hunt or checklist

3.       Surprise caravan birthday drive-by

4.       Postcard / Poster Surprise

5.       Rainbow toast party

Smith says these ideas are best for kids 10 and under, but just use your imagination and have fun with it.