Hover board fire hazard?

Photos from the Chappaqua Fire Department show what can happen when you buy a defective hover board. The Skagway Smart Balancing Electric Skateboard was bought from a website. Firefighters say an electrical malfunction caused the hover board to catch fire and do major smoke damage to the owner's house.

Chappaqua now joins an international list of fire departments and officials that are warning consumers about the hazards of hover boards. Since October, British officials have seized 90 percent of them coming into the country.

Mashable says some models could have problems with batteries, which can overheat. So if you're looking to buy one for the holidays what can you do to make sure yours is safe? Mashable says it's really all about shopping the right way. No. 1: make sure you buy from a reputable store; no. 2: make sure it's a big brand.