House panel grills TSA chief over airport screening

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Airport security remains a top priority, but many feel this have become way too common a scene: passengers waiting on long lines to get to their departure gate. Sometimes a 2-hour advance arrival isn't enough.

It has gotten so bad that the House Homeland Security Committee demanded answers from the TSA. Administrator Peter Neffenger said the agency will add more than 700 screeners by mid-June in time for peak summer travel. But they'll barely make a dent. The TSA's workforce has declined by 12 percent at a time when air travel is up 15 percent.

Major airlines are trying to pick up the slack. American and United say they're adding workers for non-screening duties like stacking bins. Delta plans to redesign screening lanes in at least one airport.

Some passengers Fox 5 spoke to think the TSA is doing the best it can screening 740 million people a year.

You'll need patience traveling this summer, especially with connecting flights. The TSA is encouraging passengers to pay the $85 fee and enroll in the PreCheck program, which expedites the screening process.