House Democrats investigate Trump's finances, Russia ties

One day after President Trump decried what he called "the politics of revenge" and "partisan investigations" in his State of the Union address, Democratic House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff announced a new, wide-ranging probe into the president's foreign business dealings and Russian election meddling.

Trump fiercely condemned the move and called Schiff a "political hack" on a partisan search-and-destroy mission.

"We're going to do our jobs and the president needs to do his," Schiff said. "Our job involves making sure that the policy of the United States is being driven by the national interest, not by any financial entanglement, financial leverage or other form of compromise."

The Intelligence Committee on Wednesday also voted to hand over a slew of interview transcripts to Special Counsel Robert Mueller that were generated by the panel's previous Russia investigation, which was conducted under GOP leadership and concluded last March. That investigation found "no evidence" of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government in the 2016 election.

Republicans had previously voted to release the transcripts publicly, but that has been held up by an intelligence community review to ensure no sensitive materials are disclosed.