Homeowner's 'Trump' yard signs defaced for sixth time

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For the sixth time in a year, Jeff Solomon has had his pro President Trump signs vandalized.

No matter what your message is, if people disagree there's gonna be some sort of backlash," Jeff Solomon told FOX 5.

WATCH: Vandals spray-painted over signs supporting President Trump

In total, Solomon has had 9 signs stolen, 20 others vandalized. The most recent incident was Saturday.

"I checked the gate Friday night, went to sleep, woke up Saturday and saw the vandalism," Solomon said.

The culprits took it a step further this time, spray-painting expletives and sexual images on a county road sign and Solomon's business sign as well.

"I don't mess with other people's stuff when they voice their opinion," Solomon said.

Solomon hand makes the political signs. He said he's lost hundreds of dollars and many hours thanks to the vandals. While FOX 5 was speaking with Solomon, three drivers pulled over to express their disgust over the signs, many not even Trump supporters. We reached out to Gwinnett County Police. They said whoever is responsible may face criminal trespass or interference with government property charges for the damage to the county road sign.

Solomon said he has 72 hours to take the signs down.

"I plan on doing that, making new ones and putting them back up," Solomon said.

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