Home cooking for your dog

For many New Yorkers, pets are as important as their children.  Now, there's a growing trend of people cooking for their dogs.

Experts say that's fine as long as the owner makes sure they are giving their dog all the nutrients they need.

Two growing companies are hoping consumers take a different route: Using them to provide fresh food for Fido.

One company, "The Farmer's Dog" started in a small New York City kitchen and is now backed by $50 million in venture capital.

Another company, called "Just Food For Dogs" recently unveiled an open-air kitchen at the Petco in Manhattan's Union Square neighborhood.

The reason companies are trying to get a piece of the fresh dog food business is that Americans spent $32 billion on pet food alone last year.

The large manufacturers of pet food referred FOX 5 News to their trade group which released a statement saying"  "America's pet food manufacturers are committed to providing nutrition for pets at all price points, adding that if consumers have questions about their pet's food, they should ask their veterinarian."