Hofstra University prepares for presidential debate

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The spotlight shines on Hofstra University as it hosts its third presidential debate.

The campus is buzzing with excitement as preparations gear up for Monday night's presidential debate and some students tell Fox 5 they are putting their homework on hold so they can be a part of history.

There is no way you can miss the news that one of the most highly anticipated election events ever will be taking place at the Hofstra University campus in Hempstead, Long Island. Signs are proudly displayed everywhere, and students are beyond thrilled

While the rings of security tighten around the arena where the candidates will square off, students are getting a behind the scenes look at the media circus that's taken over every available open space. Local, national and international networks are gearing up to broadcast and comment on the political showdown that could be a game changer in the election.

Students tell fox 5 that out of about 11,000 students who joined a lottery to get seats to the event, only 200 won.  Another way to get into the event was to volunteer, but even those prized slots had more takers than opportunities. Despite the disappointment, students are finding ways to be a part of it.

Monday classes have been cancelled, but the university is providing many other ways for students to learn. From speeches and seminars, to viewing parties and special gatherings around campus, the school is making everyone feel a part of this national event.