High school engineering class helps wheelchair bound student play dodgeball

An engineering class at Hutto High School used their skills to help a middle school student who was unable to play dodgeball with his friends. Jacob Wixted is wheelchair bound and wasn't able to enjoy the game with his classmates until now.

Hutto engineering teacher Andrew Haub says it all started when he received an email about possibly creating something for a student with a disability. 

Haub says they met with Jacob, who is quadriplegic, and talked to him to see what he was looking for and what he wanted.

The students say they were trying to build a solution for Jacob to play some type of game including a ball projectile device. They were going to create a sling shot but eventually changed it to a catapult.

They say they were so happy to see Jacob so excited when he was finally able to play with his classmates.

"They built my cannon! They are awesome students!" Jacob said.

The device is something that Jacob can use on a regular basis and he's now able to participate in P.E.