High pay, perks for building managers on NYC's Billionaire's Row

Want a pricey apartment overlooking Central Park and a hefty salary to boot? Then maybe you should apply for one of the coveted jobs as the on-site building manager.

Take Vornado's 220 Central Park South, still under construction. A resident manager here gets a 1,340-square-foot, 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment with a walk-in closet. Value: $5.2 million. Salary: $261,000 per year.

How about Excell's One57, where you can live in a 1,985-square-foot unit complete with a powder room. Value: $5.9 million. Salary: $125,000 per year.

And at 432 Park, the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere, the free apartment comes with wood floors, German appliances, and last but not least your very own drool-worthy personal parking spot. The pay: $125,000 a year.

Getting to live in a spacious, ultra-luxurious condo in one of the most coveted ZIP codes in Manhattan rent free -- such is the life of a building manager on Billionaire's Row.

Four lucky resident managers will get to live in each of New York City's four high-rise luxury towers in the neighborhood of West 57th Street, according to documents filed with the state.

Rhonda Schaffler, an editor with The Street, says that these are good jobs that may also include utilities, health care, pension, and other benefits.

Kyle Bragg is with the union that represents building managers. He says that yes you get to live in luxury, but the job isn't always a walk in the park. (Or should we say Central Park.) He says not only do you have to be savvy in systems and building repairs, payroll, and other tasks but you have to have great managerial and interpersonal skills because you are responsible for tenant relations.