‘He’s a star’: Video captures young boy imitating umpire at local baseball game

Heartwarming video posted on social media showed the moment a boy imitated the umpire — with an uncanny resemblance — at a local baseball game in Hammond, Louisiana on March 28.  

In the video, little Lathan can be seen stealing the show, wearing his own umpire outfit complete with his own helmet as he makes calls, copying the umpire’s every move. 

"I love this kid!" wrote Hutch Gonzales, who posted the video on Twitter. 

Gonzales told Storyful that Lathan is his friend’s son. Lathan and his family regularly attend local parks on the weekends to watch baseball games where he can practice his umpire moves. 

"Everyone at the ballpark eventually gathered to watch him. He’s a star around here now," Gonzales said.