Heroin and cocaine bust on Long Island

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Nassau County Police seized 3,500 envelopes of heroin, 3 kilos of cocaine and $26,000 in cash as part of a two-month joint investigation with the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Nassau County District Attorney.

"These aren't your low-level street dealers, these are people high up in the organization that are pushing this poison out," District Attorney Madeline Singas said.

A total of seven arrests where the ringleader could face life behind bars if convicted. Brian Jones is accused of supplying the drugs. The DA said he would get them from Bronx resident Pedro Ramirez. There were also the Ariases -- a father and his two sons, both members of the Latin Kings each with a criminal history and allegedly responsible for dealing 10,000 decks, or envelopes, of heroin a week.

"Brian Jones was supplying in the quantity of a 1,000-plus decks to a distribution network," Acting Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter said.

Police recovered two cars. Police said drugs were hidden inside the console of a Toyota Avalon. But what they say is very surprising is where the dealers lived:  Massapequa, Merrick, Wantagh and Long Beach, all middle class neighborhoods, close to day cares and schools.

"There are no boundaries here; there are no lines they won't cross," Krumpter said. "They'll deal wherever they end up."

Police also recovered a kilo press, a tool used with mixing agents to dilute the cocaine, steroids, Xanax, THC and packing materials, with an estimated value of $750,000.

Officials are sending a clear message.

"It doesn't matter where they're coming from, if it ends up in our county and gets our kids addicted, they they will be held accountable," Singas said.

They call it an epidemic that has taken the lives of more than 40 people in Nassau County this year alone.