Hero Bronx teen dies from injuries

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Lucas Silverio (Facebook)

A teen who braved smoke and fire in an attempt to save a little girl from a burning building in the Bronx succumbed to his injuries.

The Daily News reported that Lucas Silverio, 19, died Wednesday at Jacobi Medical Center.

A day earlier, Yasleen McDonald, 3, who was trapped inside the burning building after separating from her mother, died from her injuries.

Silverio's Facebook page was flooded with messages of condolences, many in Spanish, over the tragic loss of a 'hero.'

The fire broke out early Sunday.

Silverio raced to the 14th floor to find the girl after he heard her cries, according to the Daily News.

Both were overcome by smoke in the hallway as they tried to escape and collapsed, reported the NY Post.  The pair were rushed to a hospital in critical condition for smoke inhalation and burns over 80% of their bodies.

“He had a beautiful spirit and a heart of gold,” said Jesse Alvarez, a second cousin of the intrepid Silverio told the Daily News. “He had a heart the size of this planet. I want New Yorkers to take away that a hero died, and that hero’s name was Lucas Silverio.”

A funeral was scheduled for Yasleen on Thursday at the Rivera Funeral Home in the Bronx from 3 p.m.-9 p.m.

Silverio would be remembered Friday at the R.G. Ortiz Funeral Home in the Bronx.

“My heart is heavy for both my daughter and the kid who saved her,” said Yasleen’s mom, Jasmine Moreno, to the Daily News.