Helping children with the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation

Physical therapist Allie McNamara guides nine-year-old Emmet through Aqua Therapy. Emmet is just one of 169-permanent residents of  Elizabeth Seton Children's, a long-term care facility  in Yonkers,  New York. McNamara said “ We are also working on making her breathing muscles stronger so she can cough better and not get Pneumonia in the winter.
Some of the neediest children in New York come here for care.  Most of the children will spend their entire lives here. Complex medical conditions make it difficult for their families to keep them living at home.

Angelica Abreu's daughter six-year old Isabella moved here just after she was born. Abreu said “ I love my daughter she's the best thing that ever happened to my life.”

Brian Harrington is the senior vice president of advancement. He said “they are kids they might have challenges that other children don't have but at the end of the day they are still kids.” He said Medicaid covers the medical bills. Charitable foundations fund something that also matters… quality of life. 

"The Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation"  helped this hospital expand outside of New York city into this state of the art  facility  in Yonkers. The Foundation helps pay for  extracurricular activities like  art, music, and  gym classes. Adapted physical education teacher Melissa Flannery said “ All kids want to play and physical education is part of all kids curriculum. We modify the curriculum so that all children can participate and have fun.”

This is the largest facility of its kind  in the country named for Saint Elizabeth Seton. The mission is simple said Harrington “We want them to live the fullest life possible.”