Help Wanted: Locomotive engineers for New Jersey Transit

New Jersey Transit riders are all too familiar with delays and service interruptions. One reason for the rash of train cancellations: not enough engineers to keep things running. That could finally be changing.

In recent years, locomotive engineer training has not gotten a lot of attention, according to NJ Transit spokesperson Jim Smith. Now the agency is looking to fill about 400 engineering positions for which it has been doing aggressive recruitment.

Smith added that NJ Transit has been able to step up its efforts in this area because Gov. Phil Murphy has allocated more money to the agency. He said that getting more engineers trained and in place will lead to better and more reliable service.

If you think you have what it takes to be a locomotive engineer for New Jersey Transit, you still have time apply. The deadline is Friday, November 9. NJT is also hiring bus operators, mechanics, and bus service people.