Heightened security at music festival on Randall's Island

The NYPD is out in force at the Governors Ball three-day music festival on Randall's Island in light of the recent concert attack in England. The Governors Ball, just like Ariana Grande, attracts a young crowd of music fans. The department has extra security stationed at the festival but said no threat has been made.  

Tom Russell, co-founder of Founder's Entertainment, saw a need for elevated safety as his event continued to grow. The Governors Ball is now in its seventh year. He said the company hired consultants to put together a comprehensive safety and security plan to handle any scenario.

That would include attacks like the one at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, which left 22 dead and 59 injured. A rock and roll festival in Nurburg, Germany, was suspended Friday after "concrete evidence of a possible terror threat." Tens of thousands of people had to leave the festival.

Prevent Advisors CEO Chris Robinette said controlling the entire event environment is crucial.

"These open events don't necessarily have single entry points or exit points so you need to have a good operational understanding of the entire environment and control that process and be aware of suspicious behavior," Robinette told Fox 5.

Hundreds of NYPD officers, security guards, and military personnel are on hand at Randall's Island to help ensure safety for the 40,000-plus festivalgoers.