Heavy rain floods roads, subway system

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Heavy rains on Monday morning caused flooding and hazardous road conditions across the New York City region. One to two inches of rain were expected with wind gusts over 40 mph.

Emergency responders had to rescue some people from their homes and cars early Monday, as the storms containing rain and strong winds made the morning commute a mess. Some roads were closed by the flooding, while visibility was limited in some areas.

New Jersey State Police said several accidents and spinouts were reported.

One woman in Westfield, New Jersey, told Fox5NY.com that she couldn't get her children to school because of flooding on so many roads.

The heavy rain in New York City had to go somewhere. So some of it ended up in the subway system. The water gushed down from the ceiling at the Bryant Park station. The F and M lines skipped the station as water flowed down through the grates above. Crews were busy removing trash and debris from the drains as the rainwater continued to pour in.

At 63rd Street and 3rd Avenue, MTA crews swept, mopped, and vacuumed the puddles inside the subway stations and platforms underground.

The MTA said the flooding, especially at 145th Street and Broadway, started in the street, which is not the MTA's responsibility.

Ground stops and flight delays were reported at Newark, LaGuardia, and JFK airports due to reports of turbulence.

A Flash Flood Warning was posted for New York City and several surrounding communities. Fox 5 News reported that there was also a chance of thunderstorms. Several lightning strikes were reported by 9 a.m.

The intensity of the rain eased up in the afternoon but showers were expected into the evening.

No major power outages or injuries were reported in connection with the storm.

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