Healthful trends in fast food

Some eat healthy as an ideal, others for their bodies. It takes just 3 to 5 days for your digestion system to begin changing when you eat clean. But our question for today is: can we find choices out there that are healthy and fast?

We know why we like fast food. The name says it all. It's fast and it's food. We eat on the go in this city. Now fair disclosure for this segment, when it comes to things like pizza, I'm as guilty as the next guy so this isn't about finger pointing. It is about whether healthy food can also be as fast and convenient as the unhealthy stuff.

The choices for fast food that's also healthy are multiplying, and it's driven by one thing: economics. The traditional giants are losing so much business that even they're offering fruit and real chicken.

Rachel Harvest, and that's her real name, is a certified dietician and nutritionist. She has been harvesting healthy food options for New Yorkers for years. She says beware the simple catchphrases being thrown out there by some chains to trick you. She says low-fat doesn't necessarily mean healthy. And neither does vegan, especially if it is just fake meat, which can be as bad a junk food.

While Harvest says it's key for us to stay ahead of the information curve and not be fooled for others, fewer greasy temptations on his way to lunch would be nice.

In the end, there is no question whether or not we go there are healthy choices that can be gotten in a hot New York minute. And that's only expected to grow, because while eating healthy was once considered a passing trend, there's now a recognition that helping our bodies live better and longer is a movement that here to stay.

Education is the key according to experts, as consumers get to know more and more how eating healthy changes their bodies, that will dictate where they spend their money. And with that, companies will also be changing their habits.