Harvey Levin: Pressure in media to be anti-Trump

TMZ founder Harvey Levin says there is a pressure in the media to be anti-Trump.  In an interview with Fox 5's Good Day New York the lawyer and TV producer talked bout the issue.

"We have a mentality in this country right now which is 'shoot to kill' if you disagree with someone," Levin said.  "And if you don't have a conventional view, and conventional meaning, if it is the media who is anti-Trump, and anyone says anything that is not anti-Trump, not even pro-Trump but not anti-Trump, you go after them and blackball them and bully them and try to kill them."

Levin cited a personal example of anti-Trump bias in the traditional media.

"The Washington Post e-mailed me a few months ago and a reporter there e-mailed me and said 'we think you guys are going against the grain', that is the way the reporter put it, 'against the grain' in the reporting of Donald Trump," Levin said.  "What they're saying is, 'you better get on the train.  You better slam him.  You better attack him or else we're going to go after you.'

Levin was being interviewed about an appearance on TMZ on Tuesday by Kanye West.  West was widely criticized for suggesting that blacks chose to remain enslaved in America.  That statement came after recent tweets supporting President Trump raised ire among some of his fans.

"I think that is the upshot to all of this.  I think Trump is one example of it.  Everyone wants to boycott everybody, bully everybody or kill everybody and that is not the way a free society should work," Levin says.  "We are so intolerant in this country that what we are doing is intimidating people having free thought and speaking their mind.  When that happens society, democracy falls apart."