Harlem resident declares war on Mister Softee jingle

If you grew up in New York, it was the sound of your childhood, but a woman living in Harlem wants to freeze out Mister Softee.

She said the ice cream truck jingle is too loud and is ruining her quality of life, but some of her neighbors think she should lighten up.

“That's the New York anthem right there!” said one New Yorker.

But the "anthem" has angered some people, including a woman, who recently moved to a Harlem apartment near Central Park.  She was so sick of the sound of Mister Softee, she contacted the police, the mayor's office and her local congressman.

“I guarantee you if I turn it on within a couple minutes, seconds, someone will approach me,” said Adam Vega, Mister Softee vendor.

Vega has his music off right now because that woman has approached his truck.

“She complained to me about the jingle, the cops came a few minutes later, but they kind of laughed it off,” he said.

Vega said that a lot of people complain about it, but most of the people are new to the neighborhood.

When parked, most trucks have their music off.  A violation of the 'elaborate noise code' ranges from $350 to $3000.

“What can we do, we have to follow the regulation from the city,” said Mister Softee vendor Mike Rivera.

In a city forever changing, some New Yorkers say this is one thing that should remain the song.

“If they don't like it, they should go to a different state.”