Harlem church serves Thanksgiving dinner to hundreds

Food-related debates and laughs quick to follow. But the love being served was undeniable. There were white tablecloths and menu items for order. There was an assembly line for to-go plates made for health care workers and those unable to come in.

This is what Thanksgiving Day looks like at First Corinthians Baptist Church in Harlem.

I plated some green beans and met some new friends. They told me about a thousand people will come and go before the day is done.

Service to those less fortunate is always applauded. They are trying create an experience. It fundamentally comes from the place that everyone deserves to have a great day—not just food.

Church deacon Cecilia Calender helps run the show. She says some people who come have never been to a restaurant, so the volunteers wanted to offer the ambiance of a nice restaurant.

Grown folks came and so did happy little kids.

And there were constant reminders of how so very fortunate some of us are.