Hair Smash and Grab

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Fayetteville police are looking for a thief who has a thing for very expensive hair.

Police said the crook was caught on surveillance video smashing his way into Beauty World at the Fayette Pavilion. In less than 2 minutes, he raced out of the store with a bag filled Indiremi Premium Virgin Hair. It's the most expensive hair the store carries. One box sells for about $150.

“The Indiremi hair is a very high quality hair and you can do a lot with it like color, cut and style,” said employee Tisha Allen.

Police said the crook got away with $4,000 to $5,000 worth of hair.

“It's $150 retail, you sell them for $50 bucks, someone thinks they're getting a good deal, of course it's all profit for the thieves,” said Lt. Mike Whitlow with Fayetteville Police.

Police said the crook jumped in the passenger side of a waiting car and took off. Authorities are now reviewing surveillance video from other stores to put together a good description of the vehicle and tag number, and driver.

Beauty World was open Monday, just hours after the theft. One side of the front door that was shattered is boarded up. Employees are angry that someone would do this.

“A lot of people work for this and for someone to just come in and take it, it's not right. Hopefully they'll get caught,” said Allen.