Gwinnett County sisters have priceless reaction to Christmas surprise

Two little girls from Gwinnett County had a priceless reaction to an early Christmas present. 

This past summer, Annabelle, 10, and her sister Madeline, 6, were devastated after losing a beloved member of their family. 

"Our dog that we had for 14 years passed away," father Anson McMahon told FOX 5. "Many tears were shed." 

The girls have been asking for a puppy ever since, and their parents finally gave in. 

"We decided to surprise them BIG for Christmas," said McMahon, who shared a video of the surprise with FOX 5. 

The girls had just walked up to their front door with their mother, Heather, when a puppy started barking. Madeline's face lit up and she ran inside screaming. 

"Their reaction blew our minds," McMahon said. 

Madeline fell to the floor and then ran with her older sister to the next room. Under their Christmas tree was an adorable Maltipoo puppy named "Piper." 

Annabelle was speechless and Madeline couldn't believe what was sitting in front of her.

"Is this real life?" Madeline asked her parents. Laughing, they both replied "Yes, this is real life!" 

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