Great Lakes home completely encased in ice

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Photo: John Kucko Digital

When the 60 mph winds blew through southeast Michigan, they also blew straight over to the other side of the Great Lakes and hammered homes near Rochester, New York. One of those homes - is now an ice palace.

Yes, Elsa could make herself quite comfortable in this place - the cold never bothered her anyway. The house is in the town of Webster, just east of Rochester, and everything is frozen over with a solid sheet of ice picked up from Lake Ontario.

A look inside of the 'ice house' in Detroit

The violent winds went from gusts of 60 mph here in Detroit, to 70 and even 80 mph in Rochester. More than 100,000 customers were knocked offline from the storm.

The spray from the high waves crashing on shore froze as temperatures plunged into the teens.

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According to, the homeowners weren't locked inside their ice palace - the home is a remote beach house that sits just 25 feet from the shore of Lake Ontario.

Temperatures aren't expected to climb above 32 degrees until Friday.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Last January, a Buffalo, New York, driver parked too close to the lake. THIS is what he came back to.