Grandparents try to get custody of Florida toddler found on porch in New York

Many questions remain after a toddler from Longwood, Florida was found on a porch of a home, more than one thousand miles away.  The child's grandfather, Jorge Oquendo, is hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

Oquendo’s son, Miguel Valentine-Colon, his wife Nicole, and the couple's friend, Dhamyl, are missing. The couple’s 3-year old boy, Noelvin, was found in a box on a porch in Buffalo, New York.

“I’m just hoping to god that I can have the opportunity to see them again,” said Jorge Oquendo, toddler’s grandfather. “We’re hoping, and we still have faith that they’ll just pop-up somewhere.”

But a mile away, police discovered a charred vehicle and two bodies. Authorities are now conducting a forensic examination, to determine the identities of the deceased.

“Every minute feels like an hour. It’s just devastating,” said Oquendo.

Oquendo says the couple was talking about taking a road trip to Niagra Falls.

“That’s not something un-normal, I mean we tend to do a lot of road trips,” said Oquendo.

The toddler is now in the custody of Child Protective Services in New York State. Oquendo’s wife is flying to Buffalo to bring the boy home, but according to the family, the custody hearing was postponed until October.

“They wanted to have somebody do the home investigation, so we’re just standing right now, trying to file any papers we have to do, so they can pass the case to Orlando and Orlando can come as soon as possible,” said Oquendo.

The grandfather is praying for answers and hoping to see his grandson soon.

“I want my son, my grandson, to come back home, I want the authorities to do whatever is in their hands and help us bring my grandson home,” said Oquendo.

Oquendo tells the News Station, the friend believed to have been traveling with the family is a longtime friend. He asks anyone with information that may help authorities to come forward.