Grandmother upset after student sent home without shoes

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A Newton County family wants an administrator fired after they said she took some shoes from their student and left the 8th grader shoeless.

The incident happened Friday at Veteran's Memorial Middle School in Newton County.

Grandmother Teresa Gray said the administrator told her granddaughter the Nike Slides were inappropriate for school, but Gray said the assistant principal did not handle the situation properly.

"Nobody in the school called. No principal, no assistant principal called to say, can you bring her a pair of shoes. Nobody called to say we are taking her shoes. Nobody called to say we are going to have her sit in the office until someone picks her up because her shoes are inappropriate," Ms. Gray complained.

The Newton County grandmother said she filed a complaint with the superintendent and complained to the principal at Veterans Memorial Middle School first thing Monday morning because she said removing Sameeyah's shoes was a safety violation.

"It is endangerment of the welfare of the child and her safety," Ms. Gray remarked.

Sameeyah is an extremely shy 8th-grade honor student who was pretty embarrassed by the whole thing.

Her grandmother and mother now want a permanent solution.

"Not being able to put another child at risk," Gray said going on to say that the assistant principal should "definitely" lose his job. "She didn't care about my grandchild walking home in socks. She wouldn't want her kid to walk home in socks."

The Newton County School District Public Relations Director Sherri Davis Viniard sent FOX 5 News an email stating:

"We have just learned of the complaint and will investigate the matter when students return to school tomorrow."