Grandmother slams Black Lives Matter movement

A grandmother from Belleville, Illinois took to Facebook to share an emotional post about recent shootings involving police and the Black Lives Matter movement.  Peggy Hubbard's post has generated nearly eight million views.

"Last night, who do you think they protested for? The thug. The criminal. They're hollering police brutality... how about black brutality?" says Hubbard.

In the post, Hubbard adds that her son is in jail and she says she turned him in. She said she warned her children not to end up in jail.

"You want to be upset about black lives, you want to be upset about police brutality, there is real police brutality out there, but not after night after night ... murder, murder, murder; black on black murder," says Hubbard.

"You're killing each other," added Hubbard.

A day later, she was back on Facebook apologizing for the foul language she used.

"I am going to refrain from using that language again. I apologize. But 3.9 million hits tells me that what I have to say matters.  I thought about taking it all down, but given all the comments I received both black and white saying 'don't stop we need your voice,' I am going to try and keep going," said Hubbard.

Since then, the number of views has risen to nearly eight million.