Grand Central's Campbell Apartment bar reopens

It is no secret anymore. The Campbell Apartment, an old-fashioned bar long hidden away in a corner in Grand Central Terminal, has officially reopened with a new look that is anything but discreet.

Once the private office of the wealthy railroad executive and financier John Williams Campbell, the Campbell Apartment turned into an after-work cocktail den for New York City's commuters and Midtown's working professionals.

But a change in ownership has meant a change in direction. After closing for renovations last summer, the Campbell Apartment made its grand reopening Wednesday. It dropped the longtime dress code and added a newly revitalized terrace.

Not everyone is a fan of the facelift. The Campbell Apartment's old owner -- Mark Grossich with Hospitality Holdings -- said it has "lost its soul" mostly because its secrecy made the place magical.

But Karyn Hart, who has been coming here for 20 years, said it isn't that different. She said she loves the beautiful, renovated bar and will come back.