Grad honors cops who gave him a ride to graduation

It was a grand display of grad-itude as a departing college student thanked officers for getting him to his graduation in the nick of time.

Xavier Baldwin was on his way to the University of Texas at Austin graduation in May when his Ford Explorer broke down about five minutes away from where the ceremony was being held.

“I was driving and I was taking the exit, the car broke down and it wouldn’t start again," Baldwin told "We didn’t call the police. They ended up coming because they noticed the disturbance."

Officer Mike Cowden, of the Austin Police Department, arrived on the scene and then called another officer, Ashley Uribe, to help the family get the car out of the road.

Baldwin’s mother called a tow truck, but the college student was worried he wouldn’t make it to graduation in time. His plan was to walk to the ceremony while his mom waited for the truck.

But thankfully, officers stepped in to lend a hand.

"Officer Cowden wanted us all to be at the graduation so he told us he would stay with the car while Uribe drove my family to the ceremony," Baldwin said. “She dropped us off and then we walked to the gym. I was able to make it with minutes to spare. I was the last student to arrive."

Thanks to the officers, Baldwin received his Bachelor’s degree with his family present.

Baldwin‘s mom, Betty Johnson, wanted to thank officers for their kindness so she ordered a plaque to award them with at the police station later that month.

The plaque read: "For Your Outstanding Support on 19 May 2017 - Forever Grateful"

“They were elated," Baldwin said. "That doesn’t happen often so they were very happy about it. I wasn’t expecting them to help. It changed my outlook on police. I became a lot more appreciative of the police after that.”

Baldwin plans to attend law school in the fall.