Gov't 'waste' report: Researchers paid to sting genitals, study wet animals – and more

( - What makes goldfish feel sexy? How many shakes does it take for a wet dog to dry off? And really -- how much does a bee sting on a penis hurt?

Government-funded studies have spent millions of taxpayer dollars to answer bizarre questions like these, according to a new survey of questionable spending released Tuesday by Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.

“Twenty Questions: Government studies that will leave you scratching your head” highlights a selection of "wasteful" taxpayer-funded studies that cost a total of $35 million.

Flake said the money could have been better spent treating cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. "When federal agencies don’t spend our limited research dollars wisely, they’re not just wasting money, they’re missing opportunities, and we can’t afford either," he said in a statement.