GOP officials remain split over Donald Trump

And then there was one. The Donald is still not getting all the support from his fellow Republicans. Trump however remains confident and told Fox News that he predicts a tremendous victory in the fall.

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts is now throwing his support behind the presumptive Republican nominee. But the brash candidate is still not a favorite among the GOP.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said he wasn't ready to support Trump. Trump responded with this tweet: Paul Ryan said that I inherited something very special, the Republican Party. Wrong, I didn't inherit it. I won it with millions of voters!"

GOP Chairman Reince Priebus said that although he disagrees with some of Trump's ideas he supports him as the Republican nominee and that Ryan will meet with Trump next week.

At a White House press briefing, President Obama was asked about Trump's candidacy. He said that the presidency is a very serious job and that it is not "entertainment" or a "reality show."

But does the former reality star -- who prided himself on not being a politician -- now need help from them? Political analyst Chris Hahn said that Trump needs the GOP base pulling for him to win in swing states.

Among that base are Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Arizona Sen. John McCain, who said he would support the nominee.

However South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham will not be boarding the Trump train anytime soon. He said Republicans have nominated someone who is not a reliable conservative Republican. He said he thinks Trump is a con man.

More than likely Trump will be facing Hillary Clinton in the general election. But will he get all the GOP support he needs? Hahn expects the vast majority of Republicans and conservatives to support Trump.

Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa said it is time for all Republicans to stand behind Trump. She also responded to rumors that she is on Trump's short-list for a running mate by saying that no one has reached out to her and that it is just a hypothetical.