Google returns ‘Dump Tower' to original name

An unknown person has renamed President-elect Donald Trump’s Manhattan building on Google Maps.

The downtown Fifth Avenue building was renamed from Trump Tower to "Dump Tower."

PIX11 reported that users noticed the new name change on Saturday. While the station is unclear of when the switch took place, tweeting began around 2 p.m.

Trump International Hotel & Tower in Columbus Circle had also been renamed according to PIX11 changing the name from Trump to dump once more.

Google had told The Associated Press that the name is back to its original state. The spokewoman had also said that contributions provided by users typically assist in updating the map, although inaccuracies are possible.

Looking at Google maps shows the Trump Tower’s name has been fixed, but if you zoom in a little closer, Trump Grill’s name has also been changed to “Dump Grill.” Only a matter of time before that gets fixed, as well.