Good Samaritan helps supervise kids after car crash

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A stranger showed an act of kindness that stemmed from an unfortunate incident. 

On Sunday, Clearwater police responded to an accident where they say a driver, Kimberly Marvin, was intoxicated. Her two small children were also inside the vehicle at the time of the crash. Marvin was arrested on suspicion of DUI and two counts of child neglect.

Megan Andrews, a Clearwater resident, pulled over and offered her assistance. She stayed with the officers and the children for about 90 minutes, distracting them with toys while they waited for their grandmother to pick them up.

Clearwater police shared a photo of the moment on the agency's Facebook page. Andrews and an officer sat in a grassy area with the young ones and colorful building blocks. 

“Thank you, Megan,” Clearwater police wrote in its post, “for being such a good Samaritan and helping during this time of need!”