Glam & Go

What if you could get Green Room style service without having to work in television?

One New York woman, Erika Wasser, is bringing backstage hair styling to the forefront.

And her Glam & GO concept is simple: re-create the Green Room experience. Make it quick, easy, and no frills. Get women in and out with great hair.

Wasser first came up with the idea about 2.5 years ago. She was doing stand-up and working as a tv host and had gotten used to showing up at the Green Room with crazy hair. In less than 15 minutes she'd be camera ready.

That's when it dawned on her. Why not help every woman look camera ready?

Wasser wrote up her business plan on a cocktail napkin, walked into her first spa and pitched the idea: a small space with a couple of chairs where women on the go could get their hair done and get on with their lives. 45 days and just a few hundred dollars later, and Glam & Go was up and running.

Wasser says it was all about making better use of dead space and providing services where women already are. Her Glam & Go station at the David Barton Gym in the West Village used to be a coat closet.

Now Wasser has 7 Glam & Go's in New York and Miami: another David Barton Gym in Astor Place, The Row hotel in Times Square, Exhale at 980 Madison, and Equinox on 61st Street. Next up? They're opening in Dumbo.

Women can download the Glam & Go app and come in for a full blowout or an express style, Wasser's favorite.
An express style is a 15 minute blowout that Wasser calls a miracle. Come in with dry hair for a dry shampoo, and some hot tools. Leave with great hair in a time crunch.

Glam & Go offers seasonal style menus. This summer it's all about braids to help women get through the day looking good in 90 degrees and humidity.

Stylists go through two full weeks of training before they're allowed to touch a customer's hair. Their final test? Styling Wasser.
She says convenience is number one, but if the blowout isn't quality, then it's not convenient.

The Glambassador program starts at $79 a month for two blowouts or four express styles and runs up to $199 a month for eight blowouts. Members can book within a minute if they need some last minute help, and be on their way.

Wasser says the point is to get in, get out and get on with it, gorgeously.