Girl Scouts donate cookies to police officers

A group of Girl Scouts in Florida are saying "thanks a lot" to Orlando's finest.  

When they went out to dinner over the weekend, Paige Carter and her fellow scouts from Troop 1430 in College Park saw some police officers. Immediately, Paige's eye's lit up.

"They came in, they were in black, they had these vests on with all of this stuff clipped on to it," said Paige's mother, Jen. 

The girls had extra boxes of cookies, from donations, and that's when they offered some cookies to the offices.

"I just told them all the different types of cookies we had and asked them what they want," Jen explained. 

Jen said that, often, scouts might donate to military troops overseas.

"But at our discretion, we can donate to service personnel in our area," she said, "and that's what we'd like to do, and at first they said, 'No, you don't have to do that, and I said, 'Ii want to!'"

"I just gave them cookies," Paige added. 

"I'm very happy that she said yes she wanted to give them cookies, so that's where it starts," said Jen.

Ten minutes later, the officers and the girls had a memory that will last them longer than their box of thin mints.