"Giraffe mom" gives birth

A pregnant South Carolina woman who “broke the Internet” when she mocked April the Giraffe has given birth and is still donning that hilarious giraffe mask.

The real giraffe became Internet hit when zookeepers put cameras in her enclosure and hosted a continuous livestream of the impending birth for the world to see. After weeks of waiting, the calf still isn’t born yet.

On Sunday night, Dietrich went live on her personal Facebook page, mimicking the now-famous live feed. She walked around her bedroom for about eight minutes wearing the giraffe mask, and the result was absolutely hilarious. The video garnered more than 30 million views and over 400 thousand shares on Facebook.

In a fitting tribute Wednesday afternoon, Dietrich went live again on Facebook from her hospital bed, still donning the infamous giraffe mask.

Later in the day she posed again, with her newborn.

For weeks, people have been glued to Animal Adventure Park's live feed of April the 15-year-old giraffe. She's expected to deliver a baby calf at "any moment," and thousands of people have been closely monitoring the live camera set up inside her enclosure. 

April's live feed mainly consists of her standing around, eating, sleeping, walking toward the camera, going to the bathroom and looking into her mate's enclosure next door. The feed typically has between 65,000 to 100,000 people watching at all times, and one of those viewers includes Erin Dietrich, of Myrtle Beach.

Dietrich said her friends had been making fun of her for being obsessed with April's baby watch, so she decided to have some fun and ordered a giraffe mask from Amazon. 

Dietrich, whose due date was March 14, beat her pal, April, to the punch!