Giant Noah's Ark nearing completion

A huge Noah's Ark attraction nearing completion in Kentucky will soon be searching for hundreds of job applicants to fill food service, ticketing and other theme park-related positions.

They'll be hiring 300 to 400 workers to fill the 510-foot long Ark Encounter before it opens in July.  And all must be Christian.

Ken Ham, founder of the ministry Answers in Genesis, says the workers will be required to sign a statement saying they're Christian and "profess Christ as their savior."

The group won a federal court ruling in January that clarified that it can make religious-based hires even as it seeks a Kentucky tourism tax incentive worth millions.

Ham says the massive re-creation of Noah’s Ark will open to the public July 7, 2016. In looking for a creative strategy for accommodating the anticipated crowds, the Ark Encounter will be open for “40 days and 40 nights” during its first 40 days of operation, in reference to the 40 days and 40 nights of rain as the biblical flood commenced.

They anticipate starting normal hours of operation after August 15 unless crowds continue to be large.

“We are so excited that the construction progress and schedule landed on this 7/7 date.  Genesis 7:7 states that Noah and his family entered the Ark. So it’s fitting we allow the public to enter the life-size Ark on 7/7,” Ham said.


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