German police hunt for teen accused of killing boy

A manhunt is underway for a teenager suspected of killing a 9-year-old boy and then posting photos and video of the child’s body online, German police said.

Hesse posted the disturbing photos and video to the "Darknet," – a cyberspace hideout sometimes used for posting criminal acts, police said.

The teen appeared to be gloating as he stood next to the victim’s body while displaying bloodied hands, police said.  The pair were neighbors.

Police say they have not yet found any evidence of a second crime despite an online claim.  Bochum police confirmed Wednesday that someone purporting to be suspect Marcel Hesse had boasted online of torturing and killing a woman after slaying the 9-year-old boy. So far authorities haven't found anything backing the claim, but still aren't ruling it out.

Police spokesman Dirk Sopart confirmed Wednesday that the suspect also boasted of the killing anonymously on WhatsApp, dpa reported.

Hesse knows martial arts and may be armed, authorities said. Members of the public were warned to stay away from the teen, and asked that anyone who sees him to call police.


Inside Edition and The Associated Press contributed to this report.