Georgia Tech students armed and ready to fight back

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Thieves who have stalked young people in the neighborhoods surrounding Georgia Tech could get more than they bargained for should they encounter one group of students.

Dozens of young men and women have banded together for sports shooting. At the same time, the leaders of the Marksmanship Club at Georgia Tech recognize that recent rampant crime could make proficiency with a weapon an absolute necessity.

So with the fun they share at weekend gatherings, comes a dose of reality. The president and vice president of the club have each gotten special training from the Georgia Tech Police Department.

Rob Montgomery and Phillip Yamin have been on the threat simulator used by the department. Both said they hope the police force will be able to make the real-life scenario drills available to the other members of the club. And the training is urgent. Since January 10, there have been seven incidents involving a weapon in the neighborhoods bordering the school.

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