Georgia girl, 7, invited to White House after writing letter to President Trump

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A letter from a 7-year-old girl from Dalton, Georgia made it's way to the White House, and now she has an invitation from President Donald Trump to stop by for a visit.

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Mackenzie Kroger wrote the letter back on October 9 to President Trump telling him that she appreciated all of his work and that he was doing an awesome job.

During Thursday's White House daily press briefing, Sarah Sanders read Kroger's letter out loud and extended a personal invitation for her and her mom to visit the White House and enjoy a personal tour. Sanders even said she may be able to meet President Trump is he is in town.

Kroger wrote in her letter that she planned on going to Washington D.C. with her mom during Spring Break and that she wanted to meet him.

Mackenzie also wrote that she would bring some food for her visit. Sanders said during the briefing that she is invited to come eat at the White House food hall.

"I know you are a very busy man, but if I could meet you or at least see your office it would make my day," Kroger wrote. "I would love to shake your hand!"

She ended the letter by writing "I've always heard food brings people together."