Georgia baby with rare form of dwarfism 'thriving' at home

A Douglasville baby born with a rare and lethal form of dwarfism is finally home after spending the first six months of her life in the hospital. 

paisley is home from the hospital

Paisley is home from the hospital.

Paisley Courson was born six weeks early on August 28 and had never seen outside the walls of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta until recently. That's because she was born with Thanatophoric dysplasia, a skeletal disorder characterized by a disproportionately small ribcage, short limbs, and folds of extra skin on the arms as well as legs.

Melissa Courson, Paisley's mom, was told when she was 20 weeks pregnant that her baby wouldn't make it through birth; however, her daughter had other plans. 

"Paisley has continued to fight and beat all outcomes in such a short time-span," Courson said.

Paisley was released from the hospital on February 25 and her mother told FOX 5's Katie Burk that she's doing amazing. 

"She is thriving and so happy," Courson said. "It's been day and night with her!" 

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A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the Courson family with medical expenses. If you would like to donate, click here.

To keep up with Paisley's journey, you can follow "Prayers for Paisley" on Instagram or on Facebook.