Gen-Z loves subtitles

A new survey out says that Gen-Z loves watching TV using subtitles.

How much? A charity called Stagetext says four out of five adults ages 18 to 25 use subtitles while watching tv or streaming their favorite show.

Researchers say the main reasons subtitles are so popular are because younger adults watch more international shows. The other reason doing so makes it easier to watch a movie from their phones and take in a scene quickly.

Daniel Fienberg is the chief television critic for The Hollywood Reporter.

Fienberg says, "It actually has in the last year or two become a value add you look at the most recent ways people were looking at the season of Stranger Things. There's a cult around the subtitle operators on Stranger Things. I find it hilarious."

The trend toward viewing with subtitles may have movie theater owners taking notice as they try to bring audiences back.

Fienberg says, "It's allowing the experience to become personalized and for audiences to understand in the clearest way possible. I think theaters will be leaving money on the table if they don't understand there are audiences who prefer to watch in this way."