Gay couple sent 'sin' pamphlets instead of wedding programs

A gay couple was shocked to open a box that was supposed to contain their wedding programs only to find religious pamphlets expressing intolerance and judgment.

The pamphlets, titled "Understanding Temptation", contained lines like "Satan entices your flesh with evil desires and sin is the result of your failure to resist the temptation. It is an act of rebellion against God’s holiness."

The couple is now suing Vistaprint, the company that they hired to produce the 100 programs.  Stephen Heasley and Andrew Borg filed the suit in Boston.  They are from Australia but got married in September in Pennsylvania.

The company issued a statement saying it was investigating the incident to determine how and why the couple received the materials:  "We want to say how incredibly saddened we are to hear this story.  To know that any person could be treated in such a way especially during a time that should be filled with job is extremely disheartening."

Vistaprint says it has reached out to the couple to express "our sadness that this incident occurred, and disappointment that this in any way diminished the joy of their wedding day memories."

Lawyers for the couple say they company discriminated against the couple based on their sexual orientation.  It was unclear what sort of damages they were asking from Vistaprint.