Gator found in a Lithia home pool

Lithia residents discovered quite the home invader on Wednesday morning.

A gator was found in their backyard pool, after possibly busting through its screened borders.

The home is located at Fishhawk Boulevard and Osprey Ridge Drive. FOX 13 sent a photographer to the home who captured the entire ordeal up until a trapper finally removed the 7-foot reptile. The gator was hanging out at the bottom of the pool during hot day. However, at least twice, the gator swam up, peeked its head above the water surface, and thrashed back down to the bottom of the pool.

A trapper eventually arrived and wrangled the gator out of the pool within 15 minutes. He said he believed the reptile was there for most of the night because "he's got lots of energy." It's mouth was taped and the trapper carried it to his car.

The trapper warned the small crowd outside the Lithia home there was even a larger gator inside. He opened the trailer's door for everyone to see -- and he wasn't exaggerating. The smaller gator joined its larger peer in the back of the trailer. It tried to scurry to its only exit, but the trailer door slammed shut before it had a chance to escape.

The trapper said it will be relocated to a local farm.